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When I began writing this article, a deadly outbreak of listeria was ravaging the nation.' It began with the recall of cantaloupes and led to three additional recalls of produce in the following weeks.2Although the produce originatedfr om a single farm in Colorado, the harmful effects of the outbreak spanned 18 states, reaching as far as Alaska. Currently 29 people have died and 72 others were infected.3

Produce contaminated with animal waste caused this deadly traged.' Listeria outbreaks are becoming more common, coinciding 1with the increase of Industrial Farm Animal Production (IFAP), and many believe IFAP facilities are to blame for the recent rash of outbreaks. Months later the outbreak still affects the population as weekly reports of deaths continue. Soon w1e will forget the consequences ofthis outbreak, but the potential for the next outbreak hovers over us dail. Until w1e make the necessary changes, we must not forget the next victims could be us.