About Institutional Repositories

Institutional repositories bring together research, archives, and other collections into a central place to both preserve and make them available for use by the community.

DC@UB is a service of the Charles B. Sears Law Library. The Library selects the content included in the repository.

DC@UB collects scholarship and archival content and makes it freely available to all. Most of the content included is under copyright control, and further reuse is restricted. The landing page for each piece includes both human-readable and machine-readable notes detailing its copyright status.

The Faculty Scholarship collections include scholarly publications by the Law School faculty. The Law Librarian Scholarship collections include scholarly publications by the law Library faculty. The Law Journals collection includes the complete archives of the student-run law journals published by the Law School. The Alumni Publications collection includes Law School archival content including the UB Law Forum magazine, two Alumni Association-published histories of the Law School, and more. The James McCormick Mitchell Lecture Series collection includes speeches and other published pieces from the Mitchell Lecture Series.

If you have any content you would like to have included, please contact us.

University at Buffalo School of Law

The University at Buffalo School of Law -- the only law school in the State University of New York system -- is situated on the flagship campus of a premier, research-intensive public university. Located in Buffalo, New York, just 20 minutes from Canada, the School of Law's curriculum is focused on preparing students for the rapidly changing, global nature of legal practice. UB School of Law faculty have long been associated with innovative, interdisciplinary research and critical approaches to the study of law. Many hold a doctorate in addition to their law degrees.

The University at Buffalo is recognized as a top 50 public research university, and is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU). Students choose from more than 110 undergraduate degree programs, 205 master’s degree programs and 84 doctoral programs — the widest range of any public institution in New York or New England. The University enrolls close to 30,000 students each year, approximately one third at the graduate and professional levels including more than 450 law students.