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Fall 2021


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Episode 19 features Helen Drew, Professor of Law, and Marissa Egloff, a third year JD candidate, in the University at Buffalo School of Law. Professor Drew and Ms. Egloff discuss their research examining the number of women and minorities in executive or coaching positions in professional sports. They are exploring why, even with proactive policies such as The Rooney Rule in the NFL, women and people of color find it difficult to obtain these “front office” positions. They are also exploring how nondiverse work environments can become toxic.

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July 2021


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The theme music for this season was composed by University at Buffalo Department of Music PhD student Matias Homar.

Speaker Research Focus

Sports law, Discipline of professional athletes, Drug testing in sports, Collective bargaining, NCAA compliance, Title IX, Sports medicine and sports law, Professional sports contracts, Transactions

Speaker Bio

Helen Drew teaches a variety of courses that incorporate topics such as drug testing in professional sports and professional player contract negotiation and arbitration. Drew is especially interested in the evolving research and litigation concerning concussions in both amateur and professional sports. Marissa Egloff is a third-year JD candidate with a career focus on sports law and professional sports executive leadership.

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Edgar Girtain

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Edgar Girtain is host/producer of the 2021-22 Edition of The Baldy Center Podcast. He is a PhD student in the music department at SUNY Buffalo, where he studies with David Felder. Girtain is a director of the Casa de Las Artes at the University of Southern Chile (UACh), and president of the Southern Chilean Composers Forum (FoCo Sur).He is an eminent composer, pianist, and writer of his own biographies. Girtain's diverse areas of work are often collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and international in ambition if not in practice.

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Edgar Girtain

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Samantha Barbas, PhD & Caroline Funk, PhD