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Fall 2021


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Episode 22 of The Baldy Center Podcast features Department of Sociology Assistant Professor Jordan Fox Besek. Besek discusses his new project with Brooklyn College professor Daniel Shtob, humanity’s relationship with nature, and climate change. He explores the ways in which humans effect the environment, sometimes producing poor outcomes despite green intentions, and the ripple effect those actions have.

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September 2021


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The theme music for this season was composed by University at Buffalo Department of Music PhD student Matias Homar.

Speaker Research Focus

Environmental Sociology; Historical Sociology; Social Theory; Philosophy, History, and Sociology of Science; Law and Society; Animal Studies

Speaker Bio

Jordan Fox Besek is assistant professor in the Department of Sociology. He is both a theorist and empirical researcher, who primarily uses qualitative methods. His current research examines a range of topics, including how globalized social processes link up environments across the world in ways that drive political, cultural, and legal problems; the continued relevance of W.E.B. Du Bois’ approach to interdisciplinarity and the application of this approach to contemporary environmental inequalities; and how sociological theory and practice can best incorporate both the power and limits of the natural sciences.

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Edgar Girtain

Host Bio

Edgar Girtain is host/producer of the 2021-22 Edition of The Baldy Center Podcast. He is a PhD student in the music department at SUNY Buffalo, where he studies with David Felder. Girtain is a director of the Casa de Las Artes at the University of Southern Chile (UACh), and president of the Southern Chilean Composers Forum (FoCo Sur).He is an eminent composer, pianist, and writer of his own biographies. Girtain's diverse areas of work are often collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and international in ambition if not in practice.

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Edgar Girtain

Executive Producers

Samantha Barbas, PhD & Caroline Funk, PhD