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Deja Graham

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School segregation is an issue of the past and present. Generations of Black and Brown Americans have attended schools that were inadequate and unequal to their white counterparts. This inequity in access to quality education has caused issues with diversity in professional fields, like the medical and legal fields. The lack of diversity in these fields are the results of decades of school segregation due to the government’s failure to eradicate the dual system of education. Since the landmark case of Brown v. Board of Education, little progress has been made in providing Black and Brown children in metropolitan cities adequate or equal education to their white counterparts. New York City is just one example of how school segregation in metropolitan cities has decreased a minority’s chance at success in obtaining higher education and, as such, entering the professional work force. The diversity issues that are seen in these professional fields starts on the first day a child is enrolled into kindergarten. The chances of a Black or Brown child achieving success decreases with every year they continue to receive a separate and unequal education.