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Virtually every African State, including Uganda, is a product of the rape of the continent by imperial European powers. Even though it is true that Africans cannot blame every ill on colonialism, the imperial conquests of European powers have had severely debilitating consequences. Yet, we cannot despair, and for beautiful Uganda, the genesis for recovery may lie in Juba. However - it can most certainly only be realized by looking beyond Juba. Ultimately, the reform of the Ugandan state lies in the full democratization of political society. President Museveni must understand that he will not live forever, and therefore he must not conflate the fate of the Ugandan people and state with his personal political fortunes and future. That is why a truth and reconciliation process to reconstruct Uganda is a necessity. Otherwise, President Museveni will plunge the country back into the abyss of yesteryear. Whether President Museveni seizes the Juba talks as an opportunity to overhaul the state will determine his legacy.

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Buffalo Human Rights Law Review

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