The DC@UB Law Faculty Other Scholarship collection includes various types of scholarly publications published by all current and emeritus University at Buffalo School of Law faculty members including reports, white papers, teaching materials, and more. The full text or a link to freely-available full text is included wherever possible.


Submissions from 2019


Proposed New York Trust Code, Surrogate’s Court Advisory Committee to the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts of the State of New York

Submissions from 2018


Civil Justice in the United States: How Access to Courts is Essential to a Fair Economy, Martha McCluskey, Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, Karen Sokol, and James Goodwin

Submissions from 2016


Regulating Forced Arbitration in Consumer Financial Services: Re-Opening the Courthouse Doors to Victimized Consumers, Martha T. McCluskey, Thomas O. McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, James Goodwin, and Mollie Rosenzweig


OSHA's Discount on Danger: OSHA Should Revise Its Informal Settlement Policies to Maximize the Deterrent Value of Citations, Martha T. McCluskey, Thomas O. McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, Rena Steinzor, and Katherine Tracy


Losing Our Manners: The Current Crisis and Possible Durability of Liberal Discourse, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2015


NYCRR Digital Archive, Elizabeth G. Adelman, Andrew Kloc, Jeannine Lee, Betsy Vipperman, and David Voisinet


Who Are Our Allies? Who Are Our Customers?, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2013

Child Welfare Law in the United States, Susan V. Mangold


At the Company's Mercy: Protecting Contingent Workers from Unsafe Working Conditions, Martha T. McCluskey, Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, and Matthew Shudtz


Ronald Coase (1910-2013), David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2012


The Next OSHA: Progressive Reforms to Empower Workers, Martha T. McCluskey, Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, Rena Steubzor, and Matthew Shudtz


Remembering Camelot: Recent Adventures in Economy, Law and Politics, John Henry Schlegel


Problematique, David A. Westbrook

Regulating Culture: Navigating Economies, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2010


A Repulsive River Comes Back, Barry B. Boyer

The International Criminal Court in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities, Makau W. Mutua

Waiting on a Miracle in Afghanistan, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2009


Sizing Up Local Legislatures, James A. Gardner and Kathryn A. Foster

Encountering Attica, Teresa A. Miller

Submissions from 2008


Creating a Public Plan for New York’s Great Lakes Offshore Wind Power: A Strategy for Energy and Economic Development, Dwight E. Kanyuck and Robert S. Berger


More Crabs, But Still No Barrel, John Henry Schlegel

Submissions from 2007

The Sovereign's Gift: Reciprocity and Invisibility Inside U.S. Immigration Camps, Mateo Taussig-Rubbo

Submissions from 2006


Researching Legal Ethics, Elizabeth G. Adelman and Kristina L. Niedringhaus

America the Comfortable, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 2005


Georgia Legal Research - Primary Source Material, Elizabeth G. Adelman, Nancy P. Johnson, Nancy J. Adams, and Terrance K. Manion

“Grandfathered” Air Pollution Sources and Pollution Control: New Source Review Under the Clean Air Act, Kim Diana Connolly and Victor B. Flatt

The Only General, Peer-Reviewed Journal on Law & Policy, Lynn Mather


Like Crabs in a Barrel: Economy, History and Redevelopment in Buffalo, John Henry Schlegel


Beyond 2015: Long-Term Alternatives for Long-Term Care Reform, Anthony H. Szczygiel and Valerie J. Bogart

Submissions from 2004

Structuring the Political Process under American State Constitutions, James A. Gardner

Mastering Looseleaf Publications, Kristina L. Niedringhaus and Elizabeth G. Adelman

Submissions from 2003


Forms of Federal Statutory Publication, Elizabeth G. Adelman and Kristina L. Niedringhaus


Due Justice: Amelioration for Law School Compliance with the Solomon Amendment: A Handbook for Law Schools, Chai Rachel Feldblum and Michael Boucai

Submissions from 2001


Fee Simple Absolute, Robert J. Steinfeld

Restraints on Alienation, Robert J. Steinfeld


The Estate in Fee Tail, Robert J. Steinfeld


The Life Estate, Robert J. Steinfeld

Submissions from 2000


The African Human Rights System: A Critical Evaluation, Makau W. Mutua

Submissions from 1999

State of the Region: Performance Indicators for the Buffalo-Niagara Region in the 21st Century, Kathryn A. Foster, Barry B. Boyer, and Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth

Submissions from 1997

Legal Issues Relevant to the Development of Financial Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Issues Paper Prepared for the Inter-American Development, David A. Westbrook, Wilmer A. Westbrook, Cutler A. Westbrook, and Pickering A. Westbrook

Submissions from 1994

Coherence and Conflict in Law: Proceedings of the 3rd Benelux-Scandinavian Symposium in Legal Theory, Brower, et al, eds. (book review), David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 1993


Creating Pollution Prevention Incentives for Small Business: The Erie County program, Barry Boyer

Submissions from 1991

No Place to Hide? Great Lakes Pollution and Your Health, Barry Boyer

Submissions from 1988

Government and the Grass Roots, Barry B. Boyer, Richard D. Schwartz, and Richard D. Smardon

Submissions from 1975

Explanation of the Civil Commitment Statute with Statute Sections Included: A Handbook, Rebecca Redwood French