Most Recent Additions


Charles B. Sears Law Library, University at Buffalo School of Law
Elizabeth G. Adelman and Evviva Weinraub Lajoie


Organizational Structures of Academic Law Libraries: Past, Present, and Future
Elizabeth G. Adelman and Jessica de Perio Wittman


The Asian Law and Society Reader
Lynette J. Chua, David M. Engel, and Sida Liu


Europe and the federal conceit
Paul Linden-Retek


Mobilizing Friends and Foes in Administrative Proceedings
Bliss C. Cartwright and Barry B. Boyer


From scanner to court: A neuroscientifically informed “reasonable person” test of trademark infringement
Zhihao Zhang, Maxwell Good, Vera Kulikov, Femke van Horen, Mark Bartholomew, Andrew S. Kayser, and Ming Hsu

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