Most Recent Additions


Ethical, legal, and social issues in the Earth BioGenome Project
Jacob S. Sherkow, Katharine B. Barker, Irus Braverman, Robert Cook-Deegan, Richard Durbin, Carla L. Easter, Melissa M. Goldstein, Maui Hudson, W. John Kress, Harris A. Lewin, Debra J. H. Mathews, Catherine McCarthy, Ann M. McCartney, Manuela da Silva, Andrew W. Torrance, and Henry T. Greely


Just a "Planning Rule": Enforcing the Duty to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing
Heather R. Abraham, Jason Knight, Russell Weaver, and Christopher Holtkamp


Objectivity in Jurisprudence, Legal Interpretation and Practical Reasoning
Gonzalo Villa-Rosas and Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora


Filosofía de la Responsabilidad Extracontractual [Philosophy of Tort Law]
Carlos L. Bernal Pulido and Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora


Filosofía del Derecho Constitucional: Cuestiones Fundamentales
Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora and Leonardo García Jaramillo


The Journey to Excellence in Legal Writing
Pamela Newell and Timothy J. Peterkin

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