The DC@UB Law Faculty Book Review collection includes book reviews published by all current and emeritus University at Buffalo School of Law faculty members in law reviews, interdisciplinary journals, and online publications. The full text or a link to freely-available full text is included wherever possible.


Submissions from 1986


Crisis Intervention: Two Very Different Approaches (reviewing James E. Hendricks, Crisis Intervention: Contemporary Issues for On-Site Interveners (1985) and Lee Ann Hoff, People in Crisis: Understanding and Helping (2nd ed. 1984)), Charles P. Ewing

Submissions from 1985


M.C. Hoadley and M.B. Hooker's An Introduction to Javanese Law: A Translation of and Commentary on the Agama (book review), David M. Engel

Review of Empirical Theories About Courts, Keith O. Boyum and Lynn Mather, eds., David M. Engel

Theory Falls Apart (review of two titles), George Kannar

Submissions from 1984

Thinking about Statutes: Hurst, Calabresi, Twining and Miers (review essay), Janet S. Lindgren and John Henry Schlegel


Langdell's Legacy: or The Case of the Empty Envelope (review essay), John Henry Schlegel

Submissions from 1982


Representative Egos (review essay), George Kannar

Submissions from 1981

Penal Reform and Progressive Ideology (reviewing David J. Rothman, Conscience and Convenience: The Asylum and its Alternatives in Progressive America (1980)), Guyora Binder


On the Early History of Lower Federal Courts, Judges and the Rule of Law (review of two titles), Alfred S. Konefsky

Submissions from 1980

M.B. Hooker's A Concise Legal History of South-East Asia, David M. Engel

M.B. Hooker's Adat Law in Modern Indonesia (book review), David M. Engel

Submissions from 1979

Anselm Strauss's Negotiations: Varieties, Contexts, Processes, and Social Order (book review), Lynn M. Mather


Plea Bargaining Reexamined (review of Milton Heumann, Plea Bargaining: The Experiences of Prosecutors, Judges, and Defense Attorneys), Lynn M. Mather

Submissions from 1977


Maxwell Bloomfield's American Lawyers in a Changing Society, 1776-1876 (book review), Alfred S. Konefsky

Submissions from 1973


Stanley I. Kutler's Privilege and Creative Destruction: The Charles River Bridge Case and Francis N. Stites, Private Interest and Public Gain: The Dartmouth College Case, 1819 (book review), Alfred S. Konefsky

Submissions from 1971


Gerald T. Dunne's Justice Joseph Story and the Rise of the Supreme Court (book review), Alfred S. Konefsky

Submissions from 1969


Walker Lewis's Speak for Yourself, Daniel (book review), Alfred S. Konefsky