The DC@UB Law Librarian Journal Articles collection includes journal articles published in by all current and emeritus faculty members of the Charles B. Sears Law Library in library journals, law reviews, interdisciplinary journals, and other journals, both online and in print. The full text or a link to freely-available full text is included wherever possible.


Submissions from 2017


A Quick Word About Technology Competence: The University at Buffalo School of Law’s Microsoft Word Training Program, Brian Detweiler

Submissions from 2014


The History of the American Bar Association Accreditation Standards for Academic Law Libraries, Theodora Belniak


Custom Fabric Printing: Poster Presentations the Easy Way, Brian Detweiler, Wilhelmina Randtke, and Fang Wang


A Century’s Worth of Access: A Historical Overview of Cataloging in Law Library Journal, Ellen McGrath

Submissions from 2009


The Law Librarian of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: A Figuration in Flux, Theodora Belniak

Submissions from 2006


CALI Lessons in Legal Research Courses: Alternatives to Reading About Research, Elizabeth G. Adelman


Bibliography versus Auto-Bibliography: Tackling the Transformation of Traditions in the Research Process, Nancy Babb


Friends? Indeed! Library Friends Groups Can Support Funding, Development, and Services for Your Institution, Nancy Babb


Researching Georgia Law, Nancy P. Johnson, Nancy J. Adams, and Elizabeth G. Adelman

Writing Support for Junior Faculty Librarians: a case study, Cynthia Tysick and Nancy Babb

Submissions from 2005

Cataloging Spirits and the Spirit of Cataloging, Nancy Babb

Submissions from 2004


The Librarian’s Taboo: Negotiating Salaries, Elizabeth G. Adelman


A Law Librarian's Guide to Unpublished Judicial Opinions, Joseph L. Gerken

Submissions from 2003


Does Lewis v. Casey Spell the End to Court-Ordered Improvement of Prison Law Libraries?, Joseph L. Gerken


Patriot Act Teleconference, Joseph L. Gerken

Submissions from 2002


Video Surveillance in Nursing Homes, Elizabeth G. Adelman

Submissions from 2001


Data Wars: How Superseding Forsham v. Harris Impacts the Federal Grant Award Process, Elizabeth G. Adelman


New Realities, New Roles: Reinventing Law Librarianship, Ellen McGrath

Submissions from 1993

Developing Priorities for Authority Work at the University at Buffalo Libraries, Ellen McGrath

Submissions from 1992

Cataloging Legal Databases Available Through LEXIS, Ellen McGrath

Submissions from 1991

Video Technology in the Law Library: A Primer for the 1990's, Terrence McCormack


Media Equipment Selection Methods for Law Publications Libraries, Terrence E. McCormack

Submissions from 1987

Public Libraries, Public Access, Networking and the Law, Joseph L. Gerken

Submissions from 1978


Legal Research in a Slide Carousel, Karen L. Spencer

Submissions from 1976

A Systematic Examination of Non-Print Media Courses in Library Schools, Karen S. Munday and John W. Ellison