Submissions from 2017

The Political Economy of Celebrity Rights, Mark Bartholomew

Canadian Federalism in Design and Practice: The Mechanics of a Permanently Provisional Constitution, James A. Gardner

Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and Global Environmental Governance: The Case of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, Errol E. Meidinger

Unicorns, Guardians, and the Concentration of the U.S. Equity Markets, David A. Westbrook and Amy Westbrook

Submissions from 2015

Labor Market Institutions and Redistributive Voting, Matthew Dimick

The Political Economy of Risk and Ideology, Matthew Dimick and Daniel Stegmueller

Submissions from 2014

The Altruistic Rich? Inequality and Other-Regarding Preferences for Redistribution, Matthew Dimick

Submissions from 2012

What Do Labor Laws Do?, Matthew Dimick

Submissions from 2008

Restoring Justice to Civil Rights Movement Activists?: New Historiography and the “Long Civil Rights Era”, Athena D. Mutua

Transitional Justice in Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Makau W. Mutua

An Oblique Perspective, Perhaps, John Henry Schlegel

Who Should Own a Pension Surplus - Employer or Employees? An Assessment of Arguments About Asymmetry of Risks and Rewards and Deferred Wages in Pension Plans, James A. Wooten

Submissions from 2006

The Time of Faith: Contemporary Muslims, Secularists, and Anxieties over the Nature of History, David A. Westbrook

Submissions from 1990

The Emergence of Nonprofit Legal Education in New York: A Case Study of the Economic Theory of Nonprofit Organizations, James A. Wooten